Narrative Excerpt

On Our Own

The soft dirt stuck to Roberts’s mouth like sugar as he woke up on day five. He started to rise as the familiar feeling of restriction and imprisonment made him feel sick. He stood up slowly like an old man, he was aching all over from the beatings. He spat out the bits of gritty mud and bark from his teeth. His eyes squinted at the chains on his wrists, he hated them, they were his nemesis. The old blanket that had covered him that night was filthy, he kicked it away in disgust.

The first three days he’d gone through being scared and feeling helpless, the fourth day he felt weary and numb to the future - but today was different. Today he was feeling truly pissed off with the situation and angry at the predicament he was in. He was also starting to feel a lot of anomosity towards the boy called Chris who seemed to be the ringleader. The kid was so confident it scared Robert but it also annoyed him. If it wasn’t for the chains holding Robert, Chris would be just another kid, wet behind the ears.

Robert looked at the state of his suit, to think that just last week he’d bought it from a designer store in the village. Grey Italian and a real statement, with the white shirt and grey tie, Robert felt great in it the morning he left for work, now he looked at it with disgust. Blood and dirt were splattered all over it, he looked like a homeless bum, a nobody.

A dry rasp in his throat made him cough which sent a searing pain to the side of his fractured check bone, he felt the side of his face with his hand, it was an enormous lump, he guessed he looked pretty ugly.

He needed the bottle of water but in the night he’d accidentally kicked it away, now he looked at it and realised reaching it could be a problem. He slowly and optimistically walked forward as the chains began to tighten on the trees either side of him. Step by step he got closer until a taught clink told him he couldn’t walk any further, “Fuck!” he said annoyingly.

He looked around at the woodland floor for a random stick he could use, when something out of the ordinary caught his eye. A silver twinkle in the daylight made Robert curious and he quickly forget all about the problems with the water. He took a couple of steps back and then a couple left towards the object. As he brushed away the dirt a small penknife came into view.

‘Right you bastards’ he thought, ‘when you come to visit today your gonna get a big surprise’.