• Chris Newman (14) main protagonist - Chris is good looking, rebellious, astute, caring. Madly in love with his girlfriend Amy, she helps him through his home life problems. Lost his father recently, his mum is struggling to cope.

  • Robert Walker (40) main antagonist - Robert is the local English teacher, smart, intelligent, likes the finer things in life, Italian suits, designer watches. Currently going through relationship issues with his wife Jane (40), they have a young son Max (3).

  • Amy Robertson (14) Pretty, caring and sincere, Amy is Chris's best friend and young love. Bonded by their troubled parents, they both confide in each other.

  • DCI Slatford (50) Worn, tired, intelligent, Slatford is an unconventional and sometimes controversial DCI who always tends to get the result needed.

  • DCI Roseberg (30) A quick learner, pristine, gifted, she's also Slatfords reluctant partner, she respects him but also thinks he's an arsehole.